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Creating the best plate of great looking food is your chefs’ realm. Making it profitable and safe hinges on your leadership. Your people are your greatest and most expensive asset. Get it wrong and it’s a whole heap of pain. Get it right and your business flourishes.

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Menu maximiser

Menu maximiser

Chefs possess amazing skills. Creative and enthusiastic, they have the ability to craft wonderful plates of food. Ensuring they achieve maximum profit from those plates of food and their kitchens can be a little trickier. Our simple kitchen management processes will provide assurance and confidence in your kitchen spend and profitability.

Menu maximisation is the very essence of your business. Let us help you to optimise your kitchen skills

We know how to:

  • Structure menus to your target market
  • Work with chefs to ensure profit optimisation whilst harnessing their creativity; we provide simple, effective tools for your kitchen team to utilise
  • Manipulate menus to allow for kitchen equipment restrictions, whilst still maximising the menu offer and range, meeting customer expectations and desires
  • Optimise ingredient usage and minimise wastage
  • Support with menu development and innovation; sharing current trends
  • Set frameworks and schedules for regular and timely menu changes
Stock control

Stock control

You know the score: FIFO – first in, first out.
Par stocks for cellar and liquor management. Stock sheets, stock books or online inventories, all are simple to use and easy to follow tools that allow you to manage your stock and thereby control your money and margin. Essential for every business that receives and sells products. Enough said.

We can help you to find the solutions for stock control relative to your business size. We want you to be successful and will therefore only guide you to make the appropriate decision based upon your volumes in and out…no more no less. Manage your costs and manage your margin. Why wait!

Let us give you the stock management know how.

We can provide:

  • Self-calculating inventories or stock books
  • A systems review to determine the simplest interface with till sales to ensure clarity of consumption and par-levels
  • Selling price and gross profit calculating tools
Hire, train and invest in your talent

Hire, train and invest in your talent

How do you deal with staffing challenges when you work so closely with your people? Unsure how to act or what to do for the best? We can help. Having managed very large successful teams we have experienced varied HR challenges; we can share those experiences and support and guide you through your people worries. We can provide onsite hands-on support or simple advice at the end of a phone.

We can help with:

  • One-off advice and support over the phone, whether that’s around employee benefits, for example maternity rights and pay, or whether you need guidance on how to approach pilferage
  • Recruitment needs. We have the network and outreach to help you with recruitment. Working alongside you to create and develop the appropriate person specifications, job descriptions and interview checklists that support the best possible outcomes from recruitment
  • Training needs analysis: a bespoke training plan that will provide opportunities to grow and develop your team and plug any gaps in their skills that would support your business growth
  • Support with general or specific training, from allergen awareness to customer service and from product display and showcasing to risk assessments. We cover it all or can point you to a provider that can
Employee surveys and opinions

Employee surveys and opinions

As an independent business owner, you will likely know your employees and their families too. You may ask them for their opinions of you, and possibly the future direction of your business. Are their responses complete, genuine and truthful?

By using an external provider to conduct, collate and report upon your employees’ thoughts and opinions you are not only demonstrating how much you value them, but you are also clearly letting them know that their opinions matter. An external provider will anonymise all data thereby giving both you and your employees comfort and security in the process.

Simple, short and quick to achieve. We suggest questions based upon our conversations and then adapted to your specific requirements. We conduct the surveys; face to face or online and prepare and present the findings. We can recommend next steps and will conduct 6 and12 month reviews with you and your team.

Creating business agility

Creating business agility

This is about being adaptable. If you know something isn’t working for you then pulling the right business lever and adapting to the change will make all the difference.

Some you know and use already:

  • Bums on seats
  • Popularity of menu items
  • Average spend per head and targeting your team to sell more items

Others are a little more in depth like:

  • Understanding your labour to sales figures and what the “normal” expectation for that should be. How to effect the change
  • Understanding your profit and loss account and knowing what actions you can take within each account line to totally OPTIMISE your business.

Catering Know How will work alongside you, sharing our skills and tools to allow you to fully optimise your business

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