Do the “take-away”!

A simple 7-step plan to pivot your pub or restaurant to include a take-away solution:

  1. Notify your local authority of your intent to move your current operation to take-away:
  2. Grab some food take-away boxes. (   Consider beer carry-outs too
  3. Determine your ordering process. Telephone and email ordering are the simplest to set up.
  4. Share your menus everywhere, via social media, on your website and even print some for your customers to share or drop them through letterboxes
  5. Determine your delivery or pick-up process. This could be as simple as a ‘drive-thru’ by your restaurant or enrolling the help of local taxi services.
  6. Review your Health and Safety Risk Assessments and Food Safety management system. You might need to make some simple changes to reflect any potential adaptations to kitchen and service operations. It could be as simple as minimising potential risks if staff deliver food to cars. For example, one clear directional signage for customers, plus the necessary masks and visors.
  7. Test and run your take-away service with regular customers, friends and relatives, gather feedback, review and amend as necessary.