We know how to get
your big ideas to work


We discuss

First things first, we meet. We get to know you and hear from you and where you want to take your business. We listen to your big ideas and/or your business concerns. We discuss practicalities; timelines, targets, activities, funding (where appropriate), and return on investment.

Identify the issues

(the recipe ingredients)

The Catering Know How team take your big ideas and find the little gems, key actions and milestones that will support the delivery of your big idea and resolve your issues and concerns. We collaborate in order to provide you with the depth and breadth of experience and deliver masterful approaches that really make a difference.


Create the strategy or plan the plan
(the method for the recipe)

Once we have identified the key actions and milestones we draw up a detailed plan that gives you structure and governance allowing your team to deliver for you. The key to our plan is simplicity. We present the plan to you and together we refine it until you are totally bought in and ambitious to start. We will likely choose some individuals to help and support you with the delivery of the plan. The more people that engage with the plan and support its execution the greater the success.


(the making and baking of the recipe)

This is where the magic happens, with a little hard work and effort thrown in. You have the plan. We take the time, with you, to take your team through the plan, the vision, why we’re doing it and what our expectations are. We harvest their enthusiasm and commitment to its delivery and share the actions required. You lead your team and individuals to achieve the required results.


Review and reflect
(the final taste testing panel)

We will make a return visit to you. Together we will review the plan and measure the results. We can agree the success and reflect on any areas and actions that may be improved upon. If you’d like us to be part of your next steps we can be, alternatively you now have the Catering Know How to regularly review and continually optimise your business.

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